We carry an assortment of cheeses, both locally produced and imported (see our Comprehensive Product List). The pride of our range, once again, is Bandini Mozarella and Cheddar.  The consistency of these products, is incredible and unchallenged. It is easy to find a cheap cheese, but not a substitute for Bandini Cheeses.

 If we don't have the cheese you are looking for in our range, please do not hesitate to ask us for it; we will go beyond the call of duty to track it down for you.

 Our range consists of various Feta Cheeses as well:

  •   Simonsberg (4Kg Nett)
  •   Imported Dqanish (3.2Kg Nett)
  •   Local (3.2Kg Nett)
  •   Feta Discs (3.2Kg Nett)
 One of our best kept secrets is the quality of our Halloumi. It must be tried to be appreciated.

 Brie, Camembert, Blue Cheese, Provolone, Ricotta, Robbiola give us a shout and see what else we have.

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