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As a matter of interest....

10 June '05

With this page we intend to voice our beliefs and interpretations of market events, both related to our industry and life in general. By “us” we mean, the Pizzarology team. (refer to Disclaimer)

 Since this is the first of the “As A Matter Of Interest!” page, I thought that it would be appropriate to mention where Pizzarology intends to go with this site:

 We intend to use a crate of humour, a loaf of seriousness, a sachet of honesty and a bucket of technology to keep you up to date with our company and an ever-changing market. Your participation is very welcome (see our Comments page).

 This website also coincides with the renewal of ownership and management of Pizzarology by me, Ted Patterson. By the first two weeks in July 2005 I would like to see the following in action:

1.      Our company image sharpened up with a new corporate image. Look out for our guys in gumboots and aprons/dustcoats and caps.

2.      Our website set up and ready for browsing.

3.      Last, but by no means least, our entire fleet replaced with well sign written, insulated and refrigerated vehicles. This will ensure that our highly perishable stock reaches the customer in a cool state, thereby ensuring quality on those long summer months. It is amazing how many dairy suppliers there are out there who do not have insulated vehicles, let alone refrigeration units.

  From there, I would like to work on the telephone efficiency of our staff and accuracy of orders. This will take time and effort, but I believe it is necessary and well worth it.

 In short I would like to re-instate pride into our company and respect for our customers as friends on the same mission.

  If you are just visiting our site out of curiosity and have nothing to do with our industry at all, you are most welcome. Be sure to drop in as often as possible; it is only a matter of time until this page becomes more controversial and our Humour page shows the lighter side of working in this industry.

  If you are one of our competitors “Get Off Our site!!” I’m only kidding. Your views are the most important, so please voice them. I look forward to hearing from you.

  So, until we are fully up and running (hopefully second week in July 2005), Cheers.



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