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August '05

Well, did we meet our targets? Yes and no, I suppose two out of three isn’t bad.

  The vehicles made it to the streets, but the sign writing has to be re-done (½ Point). Our website was ready for browsing, thanks to Theo and his team at Afrisys (1 Point). Our corporate clothing arrived, but our issuing office has not been completed (½ Point).

  All in all, though I am very pleased with the response we’ve had to both the vehicles and the website.

  One of our clients, Wim, at Mugg & Bean (East Rand Mall) gave us some very positive feedback and suggested that we get references from our existing clientele and post them on the site. I think this is an excellent idea and we will be looking at implementing it within the next month.

  We have also had some emails from the public, who have found the sign writing on our vehicles to be ‘different’ and humorous. A very big thanks to all who have taken the time out of their busy schedules to drop us a line.

  Let’s cast our minds back to what our vehicles and our staff looked like prior to all the changes:

Click on pictures to enlarge!

 Note that the staff showed no indication of who they worked for and they looked dirty and scruffy; on numerous occasions our clients would think they were about to be held up rather than have their goods delivered.

 Look at the vehicle. It has no insulation or refrigeration. No wonder our clients were receiving sour or, on occasion, even melted goods on those hot South African Jo’burg days.

 Now look at the difference:

Click on pictures to enlarge!

 A vast improvement, even if I say so myself. Now our clients can identify our staff at a glance, and they have a cap to cover their heads when entering our clients’ kitchens.

 I am so proud of the vehicles; they stand out, but are not loud. The refrigeration units are incredible and maintain our dairy products between 4 and 6 degrees Celsius in transit. I am currently working on a comparison between what we (and a lot of other dairy distributors) used to deliver these delicate products and delivering with the correct equipment as we do now. Look out for the results in a week or two.

 So, yes, the transformation is complete. Now that we have raised the bar we invite our competitors to rise to the challenge. After all, if the summer is as hot as our winter was not cold, then we are in for a scorcher.

 Till next time. Thanks for reading!



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