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August '06

 This web-site thing is harder work than I thought!

  Just to get the time to update the site is incredibly difficult and fraught with procrastination. Since I am not one to make excuses, I wish to offer my apologies and get on with all that’s been on my mind.

  I would like to brag about our new fleet. The response from customers and the public has been fantastic. We have had numerous compliments about the visual aspect of our sign writing. Unfortunately, a few people who commented about the unique appearance of our vehicles in a positive way also complained about our staff’s driving at the time. This, I consider to be a positive issue, since it gives me the opportunity to address the matter with the particular staff member immediately and place it on record. In the long term it will improve the general behaviour of all our staff.

  The beginning of the year brought unusually high rainfall, which caused havoc with the production of raw milk. We went from surplus to shortage in a matter of ten weeks. At least 30 dairy farmers were forced to close down every month and the supply of milk dwindled. Prices began rocketing.

  Then followed an unexpected cold start to winter that affected the production of raw milk negatively again. Prices began rocketing. 

 Along came the price hikes in fuel that affected the prices of plastic packaging and bottling negatively.  Prices began rocketing.

  Now, we are in the midst of an ever-weakening Rand with the prospect of interest rate hikes looming month-on month. Dairy producers who had to import goods such as butter and cheeses are now forced to pay higher prices to land the products than it is for them to produce that same product here. Prices will rocket!

  We are still short of milk and with producers now reluctant to import at a higher price, the situation is said to worsen without any relief before the end of the year.

  On a good note though, the majority of our prices are currently cheaper than they were three years ago. Go figure.

  Until the next update, cheers.



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