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Pizzarology was established in 1996, and distributes both locally produced and imported dairy products, cold meats, dry goods and tinned foods to the restaurant, coffee shop, catering and hospitality industries on a daily basis.

In an attempt to maintain the quality of our products we are proud to have associated ourselves with companies such as Bandini Cheeses and Dairy Dale Dairy. Our relationship with these two companies has afforded us the comfort of knowing that their brands and ours (MAC Milk) are handled with the same care and pride that allows us to deliver a consistently maintained standard of product.

  As the name suggests we carry most products that go onto the top of a pizza base. Starting with the crushed tomato base and Bandini mozzarella, we supply the capers, garlic, salami, bacon, artichokes, asparagus and anchovies (see our product list for a more comprehensive list). This gives our customers, from the smallest pizzeria take-away to the more established sit down trattoria, the convenience of one stop shopping and less deliveries to worry about.

  Over the last three years we have also branched out into the coffee shop industry and developed the MAC Fresh Milk products that, as our logo says, “would make a cappuccino ‘froth’ at your mouth”. The ‘frothing’ properties of milk have always been a contentious issue, but with the expertise of Dairy Dale and the feedback from our customers we have managed to develop a dependable product at a competitive price.

  We like to think of it as a transformation from “Supplying Pizza Products” to “Supplying A Pizza of Products”.

 Our aim is to supply quality products, at competitive prices and with excellent service. We believe that our customers can help us to achieve this.


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